Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Asking friends for advice ii

More advice from friends - Snapper 52 

Heya chum, I'm afraid I'm not much help :( mine was all down to exposure, I set up my Bea blog as soon as I left uni and that ended up all over the internet and shit, the offers just came in :/
then when I'd done enough boring work I went to welly to show them what i can do and asking to do a flyer.. Just go to various places you have an interest in and ask? If you can show em how awesome you are should be fine, you just need to get as much professional work under your belt as possible at the minute.
as for charging, just doing it by the hour is the best way, or think about how much time and effort it took, keep it reasonable. Or work out a set list of prices, like when i started it was 50 for a flyer, 100 for a mural, 70 for a book cover, think about what kind of exposure you'll get from each thing and factor that into it.
I'm sorry I'm really no good at this, my whole career's based on luck haha

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