Sunday, 19 February 2012


Went to D&AD talks from Elmwood and Atelier which were really insightful about the industry, clients and their working progress - which differed between the two talks.
After the talks came a portfolio surgery from Andrew Turner from The Workshop, Sheffield, who liked what I had shown but said to start commercialising work so it looks to have more purpose. It also reassured me to hear him say that illustrators do get hired within design studios as well.
Was great to get a shout out from him as well - generated more interest in my website.
Off the back of this, Ando got chatting to Paul from Peter and Paul based in Sheffield who offered him a live brief which he then passed on to me:

 The Brief:

Initial word chosen Tragedy - felt like all I was coming up with though was stuff looked at a lot - Shakespere, Greek etc. So chose Politics.

Concept - Politicians - children who play with toys. Quick one day brief - get me back into doing something - get motivated.
Hopefully hear a response from Peter&Paul soon. First live brief - that's not a competition and gets me some exposure through their site - at least that's what me and Chris gather.

Did a few quick sketches - initially wanted Cameron and Clegg on the table but not enough room - unless they were both really small and it didn't fill too much of the page.

Sent it off to Lee - senior designer at Peter&Paul - says it's going up on the website - gets me some exposure! Also got my foot in the door there - asked him if I could ask him some questions about his design process etc.

Hello Steph!

Thanks for the work!!!
And please email whatever questions through that you want. It's the least I can do.


Lee Davies

Sent some through so we'll see if I get a response. Also checked out their website when I first got the brief - although they do branding and a bit of digital - it's quite image heavy work.