Monday, 26 October 2009

OUGD101 - No News Is Good News

Research Brief
""Fan beaches Liverpool's title hopes"
Football - the debate that surrounds it.

Ideas - to investigate concept:
  • Pay to players.
  • Rules - why don't all referees know the rules?
  • Transfer issues.
  • Premiership - all English players?
  • Hooligans.
  • Title race - arguments.
  • Glory supporters.
  • Inappropriate manager rows.
  • International games effecting Premiership games.
Three ideas to investigate further:
  • Premiership - should it all be English players? (with a limit of international players) Does it effect England's performance.
  • Hooligans
  • Rules

OUGD101 - Alphabet soup - Font for another person - group crit.

Group crit - in a group of seven, we went thorough what each of us had done so far in terms of research and ideas, which in all fairness didn't really help me - as I had been going over what I could have done for my font - produced a series of ideas and right before the crit totally changed what I wanted to do, so what the group were commenting on was stuff I no longer wanted to continue with.
The four words I am working with are: Finch, Chinese, Invisibility and shy (contained).
My research is following the words I have chosen and my ideas are starting to look at the research. I was told by the group just to create further ideas and to explore the new research I had accumulated.
The typeface I originally chose was Baruta Black but after talking with the group it was deemed not appropriate to communicate the Chinese word - it needed to be a more delicate and thinner font, which I totally agree with as I have now thought that it is quite a bold font - which would not be great for representing Jonny as I feel he is quite shy and reserved.
The group wanted me to look back at a Chinese A I had created in my work sheets - which I have done but feel it just doesn't communicate Jonny in the way I had hoped.
Actions to be taken (decided by the group):
Experiment with inks - to explore the Chinese aspect.
Create more letter ideas
Experiment with font - perhaps choose another.
Look at colour.

OUGD101 - Alphabet soup - Font for another person - Presentaion of the work.

My Font

Which personality traits did you choose to respond to and apply to the typeface?
Treasured Possession - Chinese Olympic photos.
Invisibility - superpower

I thought they were some of the better answers to the questions which could be shown visually better.

In what ways are the results effective?
The font doesn't look like it has any relation to the one I based mine on.
The traits I have chosen to explore are shown subtly. I like what I did, however after presenting to Amber and Fred I now realise it needs bringing back a step - make it even subtler - try and represent the bird by the brush strokes I use, and also the U, V, W and X need looking at the make them look they are at the same point size as the other - add a bit more in.
I feel that I rose to the challenge well - even though there have to be some changes made for submission. I really did feel challenged by this - having not met him before and having to represent him based on four words - I felt at first was ni on impossible, as i felt that when it was drawn onto paper it really wouldn't look like it was for Jonny. However when justifying what I had done I felt that it had gone well and did a good job of representing him based on just a few words.

Jonathan's font for me

I can see clearly that he has used my treasured possession - my bracelets as the theme for my font. I really liked how it was developed beyond my bracelets into other pieces of jewellery. I liked how the weight of the letters was thin as it made it look delicate like jewellery. I thought the layout of the letterforms was good as it looked like a designed piece as well as the individual letters - but I think I would liked to have seen the letters individually and tracked further apart.
I think it is very effective of representing me - I never go out without my bracelets - they remind me of home. The letters are legible and when put together for my name it is readable - although they have to be change slightly - which is why I would liked to see them individually.

Jonathan's name badge for me.

Feedback from Amber and points to address before submission.
Communicates personality.
subtle at points.
strong concept.

Some letterforms need to be clearer - for example the "O" looks a bit like a "U".
Even though it is subtle in parts - the bird too clear.

How much can I add / takeaway?
Brush strokes - could I just use them to represent a bird? Could it just be a black font ? Rather than a gradient of greys?

OUGD101 - Alphabet soup - Font for another person - peer feedback.

Feedback from Ross and Pav:

Strengths: P: Intentions v. clear.
Plenty of ideas with range of typefaces.
Experimented well.
Good amount of research.

R: Lots of imagery to back up work.
Well developed worksheets - lots of ideas generated.
Lots of Methods / Media used to experiment.

Weaknesses: P: Although research good, would like to see more drawn ideas.
No colour experimentation.

R: as above.

Actions: P: Remember to bring in final (yer... I forgot to take it in)
Use a bit of colour in visual research.

R: as above.

My Evaulation:
Really appreciate the feedback from them. Next time I will remember the final piece, however I know I shouldn't have done it but I assumed it was tutors going through the support work who had seen the "final".
I will say that the reason for not introducing colour was just to keep it simple - not detract from the letterforms themselves - although I do agree with the guys that I could have put colour into my ideas.
This project was so hard - never met Jonny before and from the questions it was hard to resolve the problem - although I know this is how it works in industry.
I also realise I need to produce more visual ideas in order to find the best solution, but in terms of research this is just how I work - I feel I need "extensive" research in order to help trigger ideas.

OUGD101 - Alphabet soup - Hybrid

I wanted to just reflect upon the feedback given from Sai for this piece of work I did. It really helped me to get feedback in this way - as on my previous course we never got anything like this and now i already feel like I am learning. I've found that it is good to have an extra "pair of eyes" look over your work in order for you to improve.
I understand now that there are things in the future to readdress - like how I've stuck the letters down - the glue shows through - as she points out for me.
It also feels quite nice to get input from someone to tell you what they like about it - I don't feel anymore that I am just going through the motions - like the last course and not particularly learning anything. I now feel that I have things to build on and strengths I can continue with.