Monday, 28 May 2012


End of year show proposal

Proposal - to use Melody Maker prints as a set - show off more that my practice is all about image and it's application. Idea one is to include a mac to show other briefs, idea two is without. Think they work strong as a set - hopefully to draw people towards my space.

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Asking friends for advice ii

More advice from friends - Snapper 52 

Heya chum, I'm afraid I'm not much help :( mine was all down to exposure, I set up my Bea blog as soon as I left uni and that ended up all over the internet and shit, the offers just came in :/
then when I'd done enough boring work I went to welly to show them what i can do and asking to do a flyer.. Just go to various places you have an interest in and ask? If you can show em how awesome you are should be fine, you just need to get as much professional work under your belt as possible at the minute.
as for charging, just doing it by the hour is the best way, or think about how much time and effort it took, keep it reasonable. Or work out a set list of prices, like when i started it was 50 for a flyer, 100 for a mural, 70 for a book cover, think about what kind of exposure you'll get from each thing and factor that into it.
I'm sorry I'm really no good at this, my whole career's based on luck haha

To do

In terms of design presence...
  • Portfolio
  • Self promotion packs
  • More work for behance / cargo etc
  • Maybe set up a Tumblr
  • Send packs to companies
  • Redo Business Cards 
  • More stuff to Society Six 

Asking advice from friends

Got a few mates who are busy out their trying to make it on their own.
One guy doing really well for himself is Craig Robson / Daggers for teeth
Great advice from him to make me think about things...

i sort of started to get a couple of jobs in my third year at uni, little shitty jobs for bands that paid nothing, but i did loads of them, really quickly but sort of well. i put it ALL on the internet but never really promoted anything, not directly in your face sort of promoting, but it was there for people to see if they found it.
it just sort of went from there, lots of word of mouth i guess, i was doing things that were sort of trendy and sort of cool and it was when about a million kids where starting up t-shirt lines, so i guess i got lucky.

theres no real way to get clients, there isnt a formula, i wish there was though! you just have to be visible all the time, the internet is brilliant but it can be hard to keep up, you have to blog all the time, keep everything updated and look as busy as fuck.

charging is a weird one, i started out taking whatever budget people had (obviously within reason, you dont want to work for minimum wage) and started to build up a client list and reputation, every now and then i would up my prices to see if it would work, sometimes it did, sometimes it didnt, the weird thing is that you can be cheap and do loads and loads or you can be pricier and do slightly less, it feels like less work but the money balances out alright.
its hard to decide what to charge but i always think its best to have at least an idea of what you need to earn a month and how many jobs you want that to be.

i charge people by getting them to sign a contract that details everything, i license my artwork so the client pays for the different ways they want to use it. for example t-shirts is one payment...skateboard prints is another use...a second payment.

this way i can control the way people use my artwork and i can also make money off it a number of times, either personally by making prints etc or by licensing it again for different uses.

i accept paypal for payments, its worked fine but remember to charge for the 3% deduction they take.

instant bank transfers work too, no charge, paid right in.

just make a simple invoice with your details on it, works a charm to have everything in the same place, it also means that if they want anything like changes after the invoice is sent you can sometimes justify charging extra.

i guess thats everything?
if you want to know anything else and i can help i dont mind, i dont really have a story though and i am still trying to find my way around being self employed. its weird.

Thinking more about self employment - taxes etc

Self Employed?

If an agency won't accept me I have to consider other options. Working for myself and trying to make it on my own. So would need to consider how to be self-employed.

Because I'm a girl and need to think about a career for the long term - I'm highly likely to want kids later on in life - so need to consider all aspects before deciding on career...

"I'm self-employed - what do I get?"
If you are self-employed, you won't be entitled to statutory maternity pay, but you will be entitled to maternity allowance if:
  • you have worked for 26 weeks in the last 66 weeks (either for yourself or an employer); and
  • you have 13 weeks where you have paid Class 2 NI contributions or held a certificate of small earnings exemption.
If you have got 13 weeks of Class 2 NI contributions, you are entitled to the full amount of £128.73. If you have the certificate, you will be entitled to £27 per week.
If you own a limited company and pay yourself through PAYE, you will qualify for SMP if you meet the conditions.