Monday, 28 September 2009

OUGD101 How To...

How To... Self Evaluation

The role I took on in the group was to think about and solve the problem of how students could keep the bathroom free from shampoo bottles, as Emma had said there was a big problem carrying all her toiletries to the shower. I would like to think that I did my job well and created something that fitted in with the general feel of our products.
I think to say we had just met and had to get a project finished within a week we did fairly well to come up with ideas and actually discuss them with each other. As a group I think we addressed the problem well and came up with practical solutions to answer our brief. It was good to listen to others opinions, thoughts and bounce ideas around as I think this helped us to reach some sort of conclusion fairly rapidly.
On the negative side, I feel that all our solutions were different from each other in some way or another - sizing/font/colour of the type, the shape of our toilet signs etc. We could have discussed further I think in order to make sure we definitely had the best solutions. We could have done to have been perhaps a bit faster in order to rectify the problems before the deadline. We also could have assigned further roles within the group - such as someone to illustrate, someone work on layout, someone create the type so they would all look part of the same "brand", but i suppose it's hard to put forward what you perceive yourself to be good at to a group of new people when you have no idea if they are better than you and fit the role better... but I guess we will soon find this out in the near future.
I think our presentation let us down, I don't feel we planned it enough or showed off our ideas enough for people to understand why we did what we did. I unfortunately at the moment don't have the confidence to present my work with conviction and find it difficult to not get nervous so I feel my section of the presentation was rather brief.
What I would like to note for the future is that I think now I am on the way to enjoying working within a group as I feel it will make me a stronger designer and will in turn help me build my confidence with working with new people and presenting my work.

Sunday, 27 September 2009

10 Things I'd like to achieve in a year:

  1. To become more experimental with my work in terms of using a variety of techniques.
  2. I'd like to be able to work in a group better without getting stressed.
  3. I'd like to have some defined direction in which I'd like to progress and maybe start to specialise.
  4. To have more confidence when I present.
  5. I'd like to have started to developed a style.
  6. I'd like to be able to be proud of what I produce and actually be able to talk about it with tutors.
  7. I want to be able to constructively criticise my work and realise when I've made a mistake and to know that it's not horrendously difficult to correct my work.
  8. I want to build support networks with my peers and be able to talk to them continuously to help me develop.
  9. I want to be able to put what I learn into practice and know what I can do well.
  10. I want to have found out who I can and can't work with in order to help me improve my work and know who to call on when I need them and for them to know what I'm good at so I can reciprocate.
We will see what the year brings ...