Friday, 16 September 2011

Thursday, 1 September 2011

Email reply from Craig Ward... something to aim for.

Hello Steph, thanks for getting in touch and pleased you like the work.

Not really sure what advice to give on your work as it seems a little thin in the typography department  It's  fun piece but, a little bit done. Alex Trochut did some lovely illustrations of typography made from shoelaces a while back for Nike I think, maybe take a look.

I guess overall I'd just say make sure the finish is there - the illustrations are fine but a little naive - and if you want to work for higher end clients ultimately you'll have to raise the bar in that department.

If you have a genuine interest in typography I'd suggest you spend some more time working on it. The clean type you have in there is fine but very safe too so I'd suggest pushing the boundaries a little more. Learn the rules first and then you can break them. The good news is there's no rush. I had no idea what kind of work I was going to do until 2 years after I'd graduated but I used that time to do a lot of experimentation and would suggest you do the same.

Hope that's of any help whatsoever, and good luck!

Really didn't expect to hear anything back from him at all. And while it's knocked me a little bit it is positive in the fact that I have time to be more creative - push the boundaries etc and get better... I'm still learning and I do have time - I just need to accept that and learn to make mistakes!! Thanks Craig.