Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Design Presence Feedback - and Grouping

Design Direction / Stratergy

Society Six

Joined Society6 - another place to showcase work that can be sold and printed.
Screen shot of my page.


Set up Behance profile - need to add more projects and really promote it.


Showing online presence - in terms of online portfolio - cargo.
Also that it has the capability to network with others and see what they're getting up to.

Chat with Mark Howe

Had a little portfolio chat with Mark today. Was very helpful - gave me a few pointers on photography especially - how to set out and even how to play with white balance to stop my photos from being so yellow - which I had no idea how to use, so that was really useful. I asked a few questions about the industry and how to take my career when I graduate. I'm quite set on going freelance and finding an agency. He said I could but he found it better to go into a studio first and gain experience and have the opportunity to do design as well as draw. Still really confused about the whole matter. Need to rephotograph work and lay out better. Also need a proper portfolio...

Portfolio Spreads - Version one

Open publication - Free publishing - More one

Version one in preparation for portfolio surgeries at D&AD and studio visiting professionals this week. Needs work - things need rephotographing etc.

New Branding

Changed my branding from this...

to this...

felt I needed to as the previous one just felt like it didn't have the same impact on a small scale and needed to consider business cards etc.